People share their puppies’ ‘malfunction’ and it’s the funniest thing you’ll ever see

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Dogs are beautiful, we have no doubt about that, but we do have a lot of proof. However, from time to time it seems that something inside them disconnects and they begin to have strange, although very funny behaviors.

The Reddit account What’s wrong with your dog? It is a space in which this type of case is exposed. In 2015 the small community was created and since then they already have more than 1.2 million members who always share funny stories about their “malfunctioning” puppies. Here are some so that you can also identify this strange behavior.

1. This is what the cameras captured

Puppy lying on the living room table

When no one is home, this puppy prefers to sleep on the coffee table. Apparently he finds it cooler and more comfortable.

2. Does anyone know what kind of plant it is?

Puppy digging a hole in the garden

No matter how hard they try to fix the garden, he always ends up making a huge hole.

3. ¡Just jump!

Puppy jumping into the grass

No matter what is on the other side, the important thing is to dare to jump.

4. Life looks better from another perspective

Puppy watching his human handle while upside down

Whenever they go for a walk, this puppy adopts this position. He loves to enjoy the trip from another perspective.

5. That little face cannot be denied anything

Puppy with an anguished face

My dog ​​looks at me like this to earn a pat that allows him to get on the couch.

6. The real lake monster

Puppy swimming and doing strange movements

When we visit the lake, my dog ​​is the first to come in and enjoy it. This is what it looked like last time.

7. Help!

Puppy running up the wall

The dog is running up the walls.

8. He is the judge dog

Puppy sitting on a sofa

This little dog is always sitting in that chair, judging everyone.

9. Can you explain it?

Puppy destroying the curtains

He just wanted a beautiful tutu, but it got out of hand.

10. Sometimes you can’t do two things at the same time

Puppy smiling and showing his ears

This is Honey. It shows you the ears or the tongue, but never both at the same time. The world is not ready for that.

11. The king of darkness

Little dog hiding in the fireplace

Sometimes he hides there for hours, he likes to feel like the king of darkness.

12. Best friends forever

Puppy lying on the ground next to a brick

Since he’s a puppy, this little dog has a brick for a best friend.

13. A small identity crisis

Puppy leaning on a cat's tower

But you know what they say, any place is good to sleep.

14. Puppies also have favorite objects

Puppy lying on the bed while holding a light switch

It’s just a girl and her outlet cover. No matter how many times we put it in the place of the tools, it always takes it out. He never tries to do anything with it or undo it, he just holds it and falls asleep.

15. The most comfortable place in the house

Puppy lying on the couch

It does not matter how you sleep, but the place.

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