Philip’s will will remain secret for 90 years “to protect the queen”

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After Prince Philip’s death last April, everyone started wondering who the i was beneficiaries of his will. A curiosity that will take a long time to be satisfied. The London High Court has just made it known that, even based on the explicit will of Philip, his will, in order to “protect the dignity of Elizabeth II and the royal family “, it will remain secret for “at least ninety years“. The testaments of the deceased of the royal family they are not open to public inspection like common wills. But Judge Andrew McFarlane specified that even after the expiration of ninety years, Philip’s will “however, it can only be opened in private “. A procedure reserved only for the most important members of the royal family.

Andrew McFarlane, who being the senior judge of the English High Court keeps wills of the royal family dating back to more than a century ago (for example that of Prince Francis of Teck, younger brother of Queen Mary, who died at the age of 40 years in 1910) made it clear that he himself is unaware of what was established in Philip’s will. And regarding his decision he explained: “I accepted the thesis that, although there may be general curiosity about the private arrangements of a member of the royal family in one’s will, there is no real public interest in knowing this completely private information “. It’s still: “It is necessary to strengthen the protection afforded to the truly private aspects Of the life of this group of individuals, in order to maintain the dignity of Queen Elizabeth and the close members of her family ».

Despite the decision of the High Court of London, the British press continues with its speculations. And assumes that to benefit from Philip’s fortune – a heritage of about $ 42 million (£ 30 million) to which are added thousands of priceless objects scattered in the various royal residences – it will mostly be Queen Elizabeth, with a slice destined for her four children, Carlo, Anna, Andrea and Edoardo. Apparently the Duke of Edinburgh, in his will, has not forgotten it either royal staff. «Unlike other royals, Philip was also generous with the three men who looked after him», As revealed to the Sun a source close to the Windsors. In the will the prince would have included “his private secretary, Brigadier Archie Miller Bakewell, his pay William Henderson and the waiter Stephen Niedojadlo».

The British press assumes that i will get something too grandchildren (Harry including) and great-grandchildren. Lady Louise Windsor, daughter of Edward and the queen’s favorite niece, has already received it as an inheritance the chariot of grandfather Filippo. A gift that seems apt: the seventeen-year-old has always shared with the late Duke the love for horse chariot racing. The April 9, day of Philip’s disappearance, the photo of the young Louise she was taking for a walk in Windsor went around the world grandpa’s beloved ponies, Balmoral Nevis e Notlaw Storm.

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