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Poland: Will start charging Ukrainian refugees for housing and feeding them

THE Poland plans to charge Ukrainian refugees for feeding and housing after 4 months of staying in state accommodation, the government announced on Tuesday (29/11).

More than one million Ukrainian refugees have taken refuge in Poland, after the invasion of Russia on February 24relying on government aid and the kindness of unknown citizens who opened their homes to them.

However, after a initial surge of public support for refugeesreimgs are running out and refugees are struggling to find apartments and receive support as Poland faces a cost-of-living crisis and budget pressures.

“Citizens of Ukraine living in Poland in collective hospitality centers they will participate in the cost of housing and feeding,” the government said in a statement.

Those staying in such accommodation, for example in government-funded hotel or school dormitory rooms, for more than 120 days will have to cover 50% of the cost up to 40 zlotys ($8.87) per day per person. After 180 days they will have to cover 75% of the cost up to 60 zlotys. Those unable to work due to age or disability would be exempt, as would pregnant women, according to the plan.

The government wants the new rules from March 1, 2023. The bill will be submitted to the Parliament where it is expected to be voted by a large majority.

Source: News Beast

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