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Police investigation into new allegations of breach of lockdown measures by Boris Johnson

British police have announced that they are looking into new complaints about him Boris Johnson and specifically that he violated meters which concerned it lockdownwhich he himself imposed on the country.

London police said they were “investigating” information brought to them by the ministry on May 19 regarding a “possible” breach of Covid-19 rules at Downing Street between June 2020 and May 2021. with the paper, Thames Valley Police have also been made aware of events taking place at Checkers, the British prime minister’s country home.

A spokesman for Johnson spoke of an “obvious attempt to make something out of nothing, for political reasons”, pointing out that the former prime minister’s lawyers had told both the co-ordination ministry and the ongoing parliamentary inquiry into the same issue that the said events were legal.

Boris Johnson is being investigated by the House of Commons, which will be asked to decide whether the former prime minister lied to parliament when he repeatedly said that all measures were being followed in Downing Street during the pandemic. On March 22, he testified for more than three hours to the parliamentary committee that is examining the case and may even cost him his seat in Parliament. He emphasized “with his hand on his heart” that he did not lie to the Parliament.

Source: News Beast

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