Possible futuristic “superyacht” will be able to fly and sail; see images

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Why build a superyacht that only sails on water when you can build one that flies too?

Rome-based design firm, Lazzarini Design Studio, envisioned a new concept called “Air Yatch”, which would have the ability to “sail in the sky” beyond the ocean.

Air Yatch designs were unveiled earlier this month, and the futuristic design is as offbeat as it sounds.

Built with carbon fibers, the massive structure would be equipped with two airships filled with compressed helium gas, allowing it to fly at 60 knots for more than 48 hours “emission-free”, according to the team in charge.

flight capacity

In addition to her apparent flight capabilities, the Air Yatch is also designed to “silently” navigate the waters at a speed of five knots, thanks to her “inflatable holds”, which will fill with air when approaching water, allowing the vehicle floats.

“The Air Yatch is propelled downwards from the rotation of the gears and can sustain itself in the water through a helium depressurization and a ballast mooring system,” said Lazzarini.

Containing a volume of 400 cubic meters of helium between them, the identical airships are driven by eight counter-rotating motors powered by superlight batteries and solar panels.

In addition to keeping the vehicle in the air, and in the water when necessary, the buoyancy structures would support a total of 10 passenger suites.

Two compartments are connected to the central hull via four bridges, on which passengers can walk to explore the different areas on board.

The master suite will be on the central deck, which would measure about 79 meters, in addition to a spacious living room, with a dining area and a swimming pool.

Conceived as a potential form of “sustainable air transport”, it would be suitable for private owners rather than “public transport” or “tourist purposes”.

Coming soon?

Lazzarini hopes that the project, which the company says has already attracted a lot of interest, can offer a glimpse into the future of private and sustainable transport.

However, potential buyers will need to have a lot of money. The price currently estimated for the project would be 550 million euros (approximately 3.3 billion reais).

If there is a buyer, Lazzarini estimates it would take around five years to build the Air Yatch and collect the helium needed for the project.

“We are currently looking for investors and partners with the ability to leverage the project to accelerate the process,” a company spokesperson told CNN.

While it’s likely to take some time to see an Air Yatch in the water, the studio is working with a private investor to create a 24-meter prototype, which is scheduled to start later this year.

The reveal of the Air Yatch comes months after the design studio unveiled designs for the Shape, a 69-meter yacht concept with a “hole” in the center.

Meanwhile, Italian design studio SkyStyle recently launched designs for the Unique 71, an innovative superyacht concept with a pointed bow and glass-covered lounge.

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Reference: CNN Brasil

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