PRF vehicle used as a “gas chamber” during approach undergoes expertise

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Experts from the Federal Police (PF) carried out this Saturday (28) the expertise of the vehicle of the Federal Highway Police (PRF) where Genivaldo Jesus Santos, 38, was killed during an approach this week. So far, no further details have been released.

The case took place in the city of Umbaúba, in Sergipe, on Wednesday (25). Videos shared on social media show the PRF vehicle being used as a “gas chamber” with the victim trapped in the trunk.

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Genivaldo suffered from mental disorders, according to family reports. The initial report from the Legal Medical Institute confirmed the death from asphyxia and respiratory failure. The Civil and Federal police are investigating the case.


The victim’s nephew, Wallyson de Jesus, said that the uncle stopped for the police and even warned that he had medicine in his pocket.

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“The stop order was given, he stopped, put the bike on the stand and answered all the commands. The policeman asked him to lift his shirt, he did it and said he had the medicine in his pocket and with the prescription indicating that he has mental problems, that’s when the policeman called for backup”, he reported.

According to Wallyson, two other officers arrived and started what his nephew called a “torture session.”

“They took him by the arms and legs. They wanted to put handcuffs on his feet, but it didn’t fit, and they took a ribbon inside and tied it to him. They started stepping on it and after all that happened, they took my uncle, put it in the car and put a gas grenade”, says the victim’s nephew.

The images show two police officers holding Genivaldo inside the car, with his legs out.

According to Wallyson’s testimony, people who were close told the officers that Genivaldo had health problems.

“The car full of tear gas inside and he in the trunk, it was when the population could not stand that everyone was watching it and they started recording”, said the nephew.

Investigation follow-up

The MPF (Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office) opened a procedure to monitor the investigations. The agency requested information from the Civil Police of Umbaúba and also that the Federal Police initiate an investigation or inform the number of the investigation that has been initiated to investigate the facts.

According to a statement, the MPF also asked the Federal Highway Police for information about the administrative process initiated to address the police approach. The deadline for the bodies to send a response to the MPF is 48 hours.

*With information from Vianey Bentes

Source: CNN Brasil

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