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Prosecutor who allegedly called a lawyer a “bitch” is removed from the AM Public Ministry

Prosecutor who allegedly called a lawyer a “bitch” is removed from the AM Public Ministry

The national inspector of the Public Ministry, Oswaldo D’Albuquerque, determined, last Monday (18), the precautionary removal of prosecutor Walber Nascimento, from the Public Ministry of Amazonas (MP-AM), who had called the lawyer Catharina Estrella Ballut from “bitch”.

Nascimento was removed from all functions of the Jury Court in Amazonas. The national inspector also requested that the Attorney General’s Office not send him to plenary sessions and court hearings.

The episode was witnessed in the session on September 13th. At the time, the lawyer promptly protested, going to the judge seeking intervention. However, the recording of the moment was interrupted, preventing the magistrate’s speech from being captured.

According to Catharina, the judge asked the lawyer and prosecutor to have “manliness” and treat each other well. “Then he continues and makes the reference again that it would be an insult to the bitch compared to me”, adds the lawyer.

“The judge did nothing and I did not speak out at the time. He was extremely negligent. The CNJ [Conselho Nacional de Justiça] has a gender protocol. He couldn’t have let that happen. He should have warned the prosecutor”, argued Catharina in relation to the attitude of the judge presiding over the trial.

In response to Catharina’s statements, prosecutor Nascimento argued that the comparison was directed at the bitch and not the lawyer. “Comparing your excellence to a bitch is, indeed, offensive, but not to your excellence but to the bitch,” he said.

The lawyer, in an interview with CNN reported having suffered moral and institutional harassment, and highlighted the judge’s omission in the situation.

The president of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) of Amazonas, Jean Cleuter Simões Mendonça, vehemently repudiated the prosecutor’s attitude against the lawyer.

Other side

In a note sent through MP-AM, Nascimento stated that he “never intended to offend or belittle the lawyers present and, especially, the lawyer Drª Catharina Estrella”.

He also said he had “appreciation, admiration and respect” for Catharina, which, according to him, was declared at the opening of his demonstration in the session on September 12th. He also reiterated that he has “deep respect” for all lawyers and the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB).

Finally, Walber Nascimento expressed what he called “hopes to overcome possible misunderstandings”, making himself available to “collaborate towards good coexistence and understanding between the different actors of the Justice System”.

*Published by Douglas Porto

Source: CNN Brasil