ProtonMail introduces advanced tracking protection

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The developers of the ProtonMail encrypted email service have introduced a new feature called Tracking Protection, which aims to better protect users from all kinds of tracking. First of all, it allows you to block pixel trackers in emails and hide IP addresses. For user accounts that use the web interface of the service, this feature will be enabled by default.

As a rule, almost half of emails contain trackers that transmit information to the sender. So, for example, you can find out where and when the letter was opened, on which device, how many times it was viewed, and so on. This is a fairly common type of tracking that uses pixel trackers. A tiny pixelated image is attached to the email and is loaded when it is opened. Thus, the server from which the image is loaded receives the necessary information.

ProtonMail automatically removes pixel trackers from emails and then informs users about it. The corresponding notification appears on the right side of the topic. By clicking on the icon, you can see the number of blocked trackers in the letter, each of which is listed with a full address and grouped by domain name.

The Google mail service has a similar function in that the images are downloaded by the company’s servers. However, Gmail automatically displays deleted content in an email, which means that inappropriate content may be displayed.

Users can configure the feature so that ProtonMail will ask each time before downloading remote content. Changes apply to the web version of the service and mobile applications.

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