Putin quarantined: Sputnik-V will be tested in practice

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THE Vladimir Putin, who is in self-isolation because he came in contact with people who were infected by coronavirus, without being ill, stated that the antibody titers he has are at high levels, comparing his contacts with people infected with the virus as a “natural experiment” that will show how the Russian vaccine works in practice Sputnik-V.

“The antibody titers, based on the general data, are quite high, but we will see how this will be seen in practice, in life,” the Russian president said during a meeting with government officials and the leadership of the ruling United Russia party. , referring to the reasons that compelled him to be taken to self-isolation.

The Russian president said that in his environment a few people became infected “In my immediate vicinity, some people became ill and one of these associates is a person who is in direct contact with me,” one of whom was “vaccinated quite late,” according to TASS.

This collaborator, as the Russian president said, had been vaccinated quite late “and fell ill for three days post his vaccination.

“I was staying with him “All day, very close, all day,” Putin said.

Earlier, the Kremlin announced that Vladimir Putin would be placed in solitary confinement for some time after being located. many cases Covid in its environment.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peshkov assured reporters that the president was “in good health” and underwent a diagnostic test.

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