Putin’s message: Go to the polls

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The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, who with his videotaped message, which was made public at midnight by the Kremlin, Calls on the people to choose whichever way they vote and to take part in the elections, which this year for the first time will last three days and will culminate on Sunday 19 September.

“The highest meaning of the elections is first and foremost the expression of the will of the Russian people as the main source of power, the realization of the constitutional right of citizens to determine the further development of the country, which we all want to see sovereign and prosperous,” the message reads. The Russian leader, who since yesterday is on the recommendation of his doctors in a state of self-isolation in his residence, due to the close contact with his associates, who proved to be positive for the coronavirus.

Putin, who is in critical condition, according to a recent statement by Dmitry Peshkov’s spokesman, reminded that the renewed Russian Constitution gives the State Duma the power to ratify the appointment of the Prime Minister, his deputies and deputies. Her decisions determine the fate of millions of citizens, while she described the modern world as complex.

“We see how rapidly, often unpredictably, it is changing. This, without a doubt, creates new challenges, but also opens before us the widest possibilities. And in order to meet these challenges, to make effective use of the new perspectives, the coordinated work of the state, of society, of the citizens is necessary. We need a strong and prestigious Parliament, so that the deputies of the newly elected Duma can act in the interest of Russia and our people, to work for the people. “To be able to rely on them as patriots of Russia, ready resolutely and consistently to safeguard national interests in all areas,” the Russian president said in a televised message.

“I invite you to take part in the upcoming voting, to choose any day that is convenient for you starting from September 17, to go to the polls, or to take advantage of the possibility of electronic distance voting. “Modern technology guarantees its security and reliability,” Putin said in a statement, referring to one of the innovations of the first major pandemic in Russia.

Based on Russian election law from Tuesday, September 14, as broadcast by AMPE, the publication of polls and forecasts for the elections is prohibited, where a total of 14 parties participate. According to the latest poll by the VTSIOM center, the turnout in the elections is expected to be between 48-51% and to ensure that 5 parties exceed the 5% threshold for entering the Duma.

The ruling center-right party “United Russia” is expected to move significantly downwards and lose the absolute majority (54.2% in the 2016 elections), gathering 41-44%, while a significant rise is recorded for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, 18- 22% (compared to 13.34% in 2016). The supranationalist Liberal Democratic Party with the graphic leader Vladimir Zirinovsky moves at 10-13% (13.14% in 2016) and is followed by the center-left coalition “Fair Russia-Patriots-For the Truth” with 7-9% (against 6, 22%) and the newly formed “Young People” with 4-6%.

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