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Queen Elizabeth: Where her fortune will go – What Charles is inheriting

THE Queen Elizabeth has passed away at the age of 96. The longest reigning monarch both in England and worldwide has died and with her an entire chapter of history.

The news of her death has spread sadness while there are some who wonder where her enormous fortune will go.

More specifically, therefore, Queen Elizabeth B had net worth property 530 million dollarsin accordance with Town & Country. Part of her fortune came from real estate, among which the estate is included Sandringham Estate (65 million dollars), which was bought as a country retreat for King Edward VII when he was still Prince Albert Edward just before his 21st birthday.

There is also the castle Balmoralin which she breathed her last, (140 million dollars), the Scottish home of the British royal family since 1852, when Prince Albert bought it as a gift for his wife, Queen Victoria.

Other imgs of income include the Duchy of Lancastera private estate handed down to the royal family since 1399 – most recently yielded approx 28 million dollars in a year- and is used by the queen to maintain herself and her family, and to make charitable contributions.

According to Express, Ducato rents a variety of expensive and sought after properties, which is partly responsible for its value increasing by 13.1% between 2021 and 2022.

What will Charles inherit?

Regarding the distribution of her assets Queen Elizabeth, probably the private houses that have been passed down through many generations of British monarchs they will go to Charles, who is next in line to the throne. According to ExpressThe Prince Charles will also be exempt from the 40% inheritance tax levied on the average British citizen who receives an inheritance, thanks to a special agreement the monarchs have with the British government, which states that their immediate heirs are not required to pay the tax in question.

The grunge.com also notes that in addition to inheriting the throne, Charles will inherit almost all the rest belonging to his mother.

Source: News Beast

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