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Radio Sputnik 1.0.7

Hot news, vivid and understandable analysis of events, author’s programs of the country’s leading politicians, where they say what they think without the usual patterns. That is why Radio Sputnik is the most cited radio station in Russia (data from Medialogy). Listen to agree or argue – live on the best radio in Russia.

The main functions of the Radio Sputnik application:

Section “Live”

Start live streaming with the click of a button!

  • Ask a question to the studio
  • Check out the program schedule
  • Listen to past newscasts or programs

Section “News”

Read the latest and most relevant news!

  • Share with others interesting news

Section “Programs”

Issues of all author’s programs in one place!

  • The list of the latest releases is always at hand
  • Information about the program and presenter
  • List of all programs

Source: Trash Box

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