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Rains in RS: Body of missing young woman is found after 20 days

The body of young Natália Cobalchini, aged 27, was found on Monday afternoon (20), who had been missing since the beginning of the month after the heavy rains that hit Rio Grande do Sul, in Faria Lemos, in the city of Bento. Gonçalves. The information was confirmed by Natália's sister, Marina Cobalchini, 43 years old.

On social media, Natália's sister claimed that they had found the young woman: “God, I always believed that this would be possible! Thank you my father! We love you forever!” On the internet, friends and family also mourned the young woman's death. “May God welcome you with open arms, Naty”, said a comment in one of the publications.

Yesterday afternoon (20), Diogo Segabinazzi, mayor of Bento Gonçalves, published a video on social media and said that, after ten days without finding anyone missing due to the rains, the rescue teams managed to find one more person who, in that In this case, it would be Natália.

“We will be able to return this person to their family, so that they can have a dignified burial and provide peace of mind for the person we lost and for their family, who for 20 days have also been in agony, in great anguish,” he said. Segabinazzi.

Last Sunday (19), the city council of Bento Gonçalves stated that they were continuing their efforts to search for missing people in the municipality. “The work of the Geological Risk Center, which evaluates areas that suffered from landslides, also continued,” the city hall said in a statement.

Called Operation Caminho das Antas, the rescue team task force included around 30 firefighters, Army soldiers and dogs. The 28 km route, between the Cotiporã bridge and Santa Tereza, would be inspected by river and also with teams on land. In addition, the search operation continued in the areas of Faria Lemos and Imaculada Conceição.

Natália was 27 years old and was a lawyer, specialized in Social Security Law and was already completing a postgraduate degree in Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUC-RS). The young woman's parents, Artemio and Ivonete Maria Cobalchini, also died as a result of the rains in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. They were missing, but were found in the second week of this month, while Natália's whereabouts were still unknown.

The lawyer will be buried in the São José de Bento Gonçalves Chapel from 12pm this Tuesday (21). After the wake, the young woman will be cremated at the Memorial Crematório São José de Caxias do Sul, in a farewell ceremony that will take place at 5pm.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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