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Rapid developments in the disappearance of little Madeleine – New investigations begin in an artificial lake in Portugal

The developments in the case of her disappearance are rapid Madeline McCann as Portuguese authorities begin new investigations into an artificial lake in Algarve.

The girl, who had disappeared from the hotel room where she was staying with her parents in 2007 in the resort of Praia da Luz, is considered dead by the Prosecutor’s Office but there is not the slightest clue about her body.

In fact, as mentioned by Daily Starmembers of Scotland Yard will also be found in the investigations, so as to supervise their progress.

The main suspect in the disappearance is the German pedophile, Christian Bricknerwho is being held in German prisons for drug trafficking, however he denies any involvement in the girl’s abduction and murder.

The investigation will focus on the artificial lake Barragem do Arade, with the authorities being led there after testimonies, which were deemed reliable. Yes, there is testimony of a woman who reports seeing the girl with a man at the scene a few days after he disappeared.

Source: News Beast

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