Record prize: Couple wins over R$ 1 billion in UK lottery

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A British couple took home the biggest prize ever paid in the EuroMillions lottery. The lucky ones received the value of 184 million pounds, about 1.124 billion reais.

The case took place in England. This Thursday (19), the couple decided to reveal their identity and spoke to the press.

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It was her husband, Joe Thwhaite, who counted the digits and discovered the “surreal” novelty, as he described it.

“So I hung up the phone, Jess hadn’t had a good night’s sleep so I thought ‘I wake her up, what do I do?’ So I sat there for a minute trying to take it all in and I thought, well I’ll give it to her because it’s only 20 minutes so I’ll give her the extra 20 minutes until her alarm goes off.”

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As she waited for Jess to wake up, she started looking for properties at an online real estate agency. According to him, it was already in the family’s plans to move house.

With the award, Thwaite said he was able to turn off the price cap filters to choose the residence. “So I sat there laughing to myself thinking, let’s go, this is ridiculous!” he recalled.

*With information from Reuters

Source: CNN Brasil

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