Registrar tried to sell domain for $ 100 million

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Domain registrar GoDaddy put up Roger Ver’s domain for sale yesterday. After Vera’s complaint, the ad was removed from the site.

Upon discovering the ad, Roger Ver said it was “100% fake” and contacted GoDaddy with a demand to remove the domain from the sale. At the same time, the registrar determined the cost of the domain name at $ 100 million.


“Why are you selling my domain name? It is not for sale! Please remove this fake, which damages the reputation of my brand, ”wrote the owner of to technical support GoDaddy.

Shortly thereafter, the domain name was taken off the market. At the same time, no official comments from representatives of GoDaddy have been received.

As a reminder, the domain has been owned by Roger Ver since 2014. Previously, the owner of the domain handed it over to the service and the OKCoin cryptocurrency exchange, but since 2016 he began to develop his own cryptocurrency services under the brand. Now the site traffic is about 7.7 million visits per month.

In the past, Roger Ver was one of the largest Bitcoin holders (in 2016, his fortune was estimated at 300 thousand BTC) and one of the initiators of the creation of the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency. Earlier, he said that several months in prison made him a bitcoin fan.

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