Zoom has banned the Russian authorities and state-owned companies from using their video communication

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Russian authorities and state-owned companies will no longer be able to use the service for video conferencing. The fact is that since March 31, 2021, the Russian partners of Zoom Video Communications have no legal basis to implement the service to government agencies: the American company revoked the authorization for sale. Information about this was reported by the Internet portal CNews.

It is worth noting that the video service did not explain the reason for the termination of the partnership agreements. Moreover, there is an assumption that Zoom Video has suspended cooperation with Russian organizations for a long time. CNews noted that legal entities will be able to use the video communication service, but for this they will have to purchase licenses through Zoom partners in Russia or their resellers separately. It is much easier for individuals: they just need to download the application through the international website of the developer.

CNews believes that Russian companies, most likely, would have refused to use the American video service anyway, since the program has been repeatedly criticized recently. So, in March 2020, it was noticed that there was no end-to-end encryption in Zoom, and after the release of an update for iOS, the application began to transmit information about users to Facebook.

According to CNews, the ban on the use of Zoom will not greatly affect the work of government agencies. Against the backdrop of quarantine restrictions, when most organizations switched to remote mode, Russian programmers have created several applications that have similar functions with Zoom. So, in April 2020, the developers launched the Mail.ru Video Calls service, created as a tool for distance learning, communication with partners and calls. And in September 2020, an updated version of the Telemost video service was released, which has the same set of functions as the American program.

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