Right in the heart! Abuelito sings ‘Las mañanitas’ to his grandson from the border

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If we could describe the story of Mr. Isidro González and his grandson Santi with one phrase, it would be “Love knows no borders,” because despite being separated by the border between Mexico and the United States, they keep their hearts united.

Proof of this is the emotional moment in which Mr. Isidro sang las mañanitas to his grandson from Eagle Pass, Texas, while his grandson Santiago listened to him from the other side of the Rio Bravo, in Coahuila, Mexico, reminding us that the love of grandparents can do everything.

Boy looking at his grandfather on the other side of the Rio Grande;  Awww!  Grandpa sings 'las mañanitas' to his grandson from the border

The moment was recorded and shared through YouTube by Pedro Ramírez Vaca, a relative of Santi and his grandfather Isidro.

In the clip, the little boy is seen very attentive listening to his grandfather. Meanwhile, helped by a microphone, keyboard and a pair of speakers (and two people who appear in the place), Isidro sings The mañanitas at the top of his lungs, trying to show his grandson that he will always be by his side.

Santiago, where are you? Raise your hand

‘I love you’. I love you so much

Me too, grandpa

Congratulations, Santiago. You are turning four years old

Due to his immigration status, Don Isidro cannot leave the United States and for months he has not seen his children and grandchildren. However, the border and the distance were not an impediment to celebrate his grandson Santiago on his special day.

Let’s hope they get back together soon and that the next time they sing The mañanitas be next to each other, so you can also break the cake and give each other a hug full of love.

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