Roskomnadzor will launch an AI-based system that detects illegal content on the network

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Employees of the Main Radio Frequency Center, which is an organization controlled by Roskomnadzor, said that in 2022 it is planned to fully launch a special system called Oculus, which will study the Internet for illegal images and videos. The list of prohibited content currently includes extremist publications, drug propaganda, various calls for riots, publications of a suicidal nature and pornography. The newest system will study information on the network, automatically selecting what violates the current legislation.

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Moreover, the information publication “Kommersant” with reference to the website of state purchases announced a tender for the development of technical specifications for this system – now there is indicated the amount of 15 million rubles. The official documentation on the site states that the Oculus system should significantly speed up the process of searching for content that violates legal norms, since now violations in images and videos are searched manually, which requires impressive human resources, time and money. An artificial intelligence-based system should cope with the task much faster and more efficiently.

Although, of course, it will still not do without human participation, since any artificial intelligence is still capable of making mistakes or experiencing difficulties. In addition, a strange situation with the name turns out – the Oculus trademark belongs to Facebook (a brand of VR helmets), and the IT giant may well prohibit the use of this name, but only for commercial use. And since the Radio Frequency Center does not plan to use the new system in this direction, the ban can be circumvented.

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