Roskosmos will show a model of Zeus: a space tug will deliver cargo to the Moon and not only

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The state corporation “Roscosmos” will take part in the International Astronautical Congress IAC from October 25 to 27, where Russian engineers will for the first time demonstrate the model of the Zeus orbital complex to the foreign public – this was officially announced on the state corporation’s website. In addition, the event will demonstrate the layout of the multipurpose laboratory space module “Science” and the newest transport and energy module, but it is “Zeus” that is the star of the program. The fact is that this is a unique “space tug” that operates at a nuclear power plant.

Russian cosmonauts and scientists plan to use this development in many different scenarios – for example, “Zeus” will allow flying to other planets of the solar system. According to experts, the first mission of this orbital complex will last 50 months – during this period, “Zeus” will get from Earth to the Moon (landing on an Earth satellite is not planned), where one spacecraft will be separated from the complex, after which the “tug” will make a maneuver nearby with Venus, separating another spacecraft, and then heading towards Jupiter. But space travel alone does not end with the capabilities of the orbital complex.

Information publication “RIA Novosti” with reference to an employee of the KB “Arsenal” (the enterprise is part of “Roskosmos” and is developing the complex) reported that “Zeus” will also be able to disable the spaceships of potential enemies using an electromagnetic pulse. Moreover, the “space tug” is equipped with a special combat laser, and the orbital station can also be used in the air defense system – thanks to special modules, “Zeus” can “illuminate” targets directly from the Earth’s orbit. At the same time, the development will also be used for civilian purposes – the complex will provide communication, broadcasting, relaying and delivery of goods to the Moon.

Employees of Roscosmos said they would spend 4.2 billion rubles on the development of Zeus.

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