Russia: A couple spent 10 whole days on a tree to escape a bear

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An incredible adventure lived a couple from Russia, who claims to have spent almost 10 days on trees without food in order to escape one bear. Anton and Nina Bogdanov had planned to spend the night in Banye Springs in eastern Russia, but their vehicle got stuck in a deep puddle, about 17 kilometers from the hot springs. The couple stayed in the car all night, while they could not call for help, as their cell phones had no signal.

The next morning they left the vehicle and walked to a residential area to ask for help. In fact, as reported by The Sun, left a note on the windshield of the car in which they wrote: “Two people go left in the direction of the tourist base”. During their walk, they realized that an animal was following them.

“We did not notice her immediately, she was completely silent,” said Nina, adding: “At first we scared her and she came back, but then she started chasing us.” The couple ran for 200 meters and then climbed a tree. However, after two hours, the bear managed to reach the branches of the tree. Then, as they claimed, they threw the backpack with their food to force the bear to come down. Eventually, the bear came down, eating, however, the couple’s food that was in the backpack. The bear watched them for several days, with the two of them sleeping alternately in order to watch the animal’s movements.

Eventually, at one point, the bear moved far enough down the river and rushed straight into the river.

After they managed to cross to the opposite side, the bear followed them, forcing them once again to climb a tree. “We sat there for two more days,” Nina said. According to the woman, they managed to reach their vehicle through the branches of the trees. “As soon as we got to the car, we heard vehicles approaching. We started crying with happiness “, the couple concluded with joy.

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