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Salvador Illa returns to focus the attacks of the candidates in the last debate of the Catalan elections

Never a test PCR o de antígenos he had given for so much debate. The hangover of controversy born from that Salvador Illa he would not have undergone a virological test, last Tuesday, before TV3’s electoral debate, he starred in the rough start of the one organized by La Sexta tonight.

“Everyone against Illa, against Illa everything goes”, the socialist candidate has defended himself before the arreón of Laura Borràs, who in his first intervention, and before the new withdrawal of the former minister to take the test, has demanded that he put on a mask or leave the set. The glove of the presidential Together has been collected also by Pere AragonÚs (ERC), who has compared Illa to Donald Trump for this episode, Carlos Carrizosa (Citizens) Y Alejandro Fernández (PP).

The headliner of the PSC has once again argued that he has followed the same protocol that he defended since government and he had no reason to undergo a test: to have symptoms or to have been in contact with an infected person. In addition, he wielded the document made public this afternoon by the Ministry of Health that certifies that you have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus. Thus, it came out in response to the rumors that have circulated in the last few hours and that even Carrizosa has used again. Then, and after spoiling the recent pact of the secessionist parties to veto a Govern in which the socialists participate (“the photo of Columbus of the independence movement”), Illa has shelled her battery of sanitary and economic measures. “Program, program, program”, he seemed to mean still with the grin of a minister and with the inner satisfaction of knowing himself the target of the attacks, that is, the rival to beat.

The initial waterspout is exhausted, with the PCR and the new photo of Colón (which for AragonÚs is Illa’s “with Catalan Civil Society”), the debate, being the last and on the edge of the closing of the campaign, has run through commonplaces, repeated arguments and duels to two to try to collect the vote still undecided, to which this time the polls give a value added. Borrà s and and AragonÚs have engaged in their respective pacts with the PSC in different administrative spheres. To defend himself, the Republican candidate has again secured his no in every possible way to Illa.

Jéssica Albiach (In Common We Can), the only official defender of a tripartite party, has reproached the head of the Esquerra list for being a hostage to the Junts and has described it as a “blow for people on the left” that his formation has signed the document to veto the PSC promoted by a independence platform. Fernández, with the same institutional tone as in the last debate, has once again criticized “the populism” of Vox. “Is your solution really to remove Isabel Diaz Ayuso and the rest of the regional presidents to give omnimous power to Pedro Sánchez Pablo Iglesias? “, he asked Ignacio Garriga, who has based most of his speech on the fight “against insecurity” and has denied any possibility of facilitating Illa’s access to the Palau de la Generalitat: neither votes in favor nor abstention.

Vox’s participation in the debates, despite not yet having representation in the Parliament but the consideration of a “significant political group” allowed by the Electoral Board has resulted in the exponential growth of the words “fascism” and “antifascism” in these television formats of political discussion and, therefore, the level of tension. This has also happened today for a few minutes between various candidates.

Borrà s, that in the direct question of the presenter, Ana PastorShe has not promised to declare independence if she is president, she has also thrown darts at Albiach with her sights set on national politics: “With Republicans like you, Spain does not need monarchists.”

The Junts candidate has had attacks of angels Chacon (PDeCAT), who on the economic side has tried to say that the pedigree convergent belongs to his party, which is why he has also contrasted models of wealth generation with Laia Estrada (CUP) and has shown the calmest speech of the nine candidates hoping, in this way, that the results of next Sunday will allow him to obtain parliamentary representation.

The corruption, other times protagonist, has not had a great presence in the debate tonight. So Carrizosa, in a last attempt to improve what all the polls say about the fall of Ciudadanos, has distributed the blame among almost all the other forces on behalf of cases tried or even in court.

The television space, yes, has had a last blow that perhaps is only reserved for the Catalan politics of the last times: AragonÚs, current acting president of the Generalitat, has started his final speech stating that “Catalonia needs a change”.

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