Samsung has developed new chips for ASIC miners

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South Korean electronics giant Samsung is finishing testing and starting test production of 3nm chips.

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The new chips are compatible with ASICs designed for ASIC miners. The technological novelty from Samsung is designed to solve a number of critical problems associated with bitcoin mining, for example, it will reduce power consumption by 30%. In addition, the use of new chips can increase the mining speed by about 15%, as well as increase the density of the translator up to 33%.

Chinese application chip maker PanSemi and US wireless communications R&D company Qualcomm have shown interest in the new development, placing orders and bookings for the first batches of the chips.

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Initially, Samsung will manufacture and supply 3nm chips to the Chinese market for the benefit of the largest ASIC miner manufacturers.

In June, a subsidiary of Samsung Corporation’s investment arm announced the launch of the “first ever Hong Kong and Asia” exchange-traded fund (ETF) based on blockchain companies on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Source: Bits

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