Home Entertainment Sarah Ferguson, the secret weapon of Prince Andrew’s legal team

Sarah Ferguson, the secret weapon of Prince Andrew’s legal team

Sarah Ferguson, the secret weapon of Prince Andrew’s legal team

In the chaos of his judicial troubles, Prince Andrew, third child of Queen Elizabeth and the late Duke of Edinburgh, has decidedly unstable certainties. Hunted for months, withdrawn, in fact, from public life, the Duke of York would also be isolated from a large part of the Windsor family, but he would have at his side the ally of all time: the ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. According to some rumors published by The Post, Fergie, who has never lost the title of duchess, is so close to the prince that she would have a permanent place in the meetings, now on the agenda, between Andrea and his legal team.

“Nobody inside Buckingham Palace has been involved in the Prince Andrew case, and they don’t even know much,” an insider told the magazine. “Actually, it’s just the Duke of York, Fergie and the lawyers.” Sarah would not miss a meeting, so much so that she was also present last summer, when the prince met Andrew Brettler, of the Lavely & Singer studio in Los Angeles. “Sarah supports Andrea unreservedly and is part of her team”, continued the insider.

Asked by Page Six, who reported the rumors, the spokespersons of the former couple have entrenched themselves behind a common “no comment”. It is not hard, however, to believe that Ferguson is so deeply involved in the events concerning the ex. The two, officially divorced since 1996, have remained very close, to the point that, cyclically, the gossip spreads that they are close to a second marriage, and the fans, still many, have not completely lost hope.

Andrea, at the moment, however, has much more serious problems than those of the heart, real or presumed, especially since when Ghislaine Maxwell, former partner of Geoffrey Epstein, was convicted of sex trafficking in collaboration with the same entrepreneur, who committed suicide in prison on August 10, 2019. The sentence, which arrived in New York last December, complicated the position of the prince, Epstein’s great friend.

Andrea’s main accuser is called Virginia Giuffre, a woman who, when she was just 17, was allegedly “sold” to him by Epstein and Maxwell. To confirm the meeting, a photo that depicts them together, even if what happened after (or before) still remains to be clarified. There are those who wonder why the affair came out after so many years, even though there is no deadline for reporting abuses, and those who are certain of the duke’s guilt. There is a lot at stake, and Andrea has already experienced first-hand the consequences of actions which, for now, are only accusations, but which if they became certainty would risk excluding him definitively from the elite of the Windsor house.

The brothers and sister Anna, as well as their eldest nephew William, have already made a circle leaving him out, and Queen Elizabeth has no intention of paying legal fees. In addition to jail (and face) Andrea risks the Duchy of York (he could be asked not to use it anymore, even if he cannot “resign”) and his military roles: he is Colonel in chief of nine regiments and military corps. As if that were not enough, another woman, Giuffre, Carolyn Andriano, also came forward, who revealed a confession made by Giuffre, her friend, at the time of the events: “I went to bed with Prince Andrew.”

Developments are expected at Buckingham Palace, and the next few weeks could be really decisive. Andrea and Sarah wait together.




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