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“Saturday Night Fever” track goes up for auction in Los Angeles; check out

The film's dance floor “Saturday Night Fever” will be auctioned and could be sold for up to R$1.5 million next month.

With colored lights, the track provided some of the most iconic scenes in the film, which were performed by John Travolta when playing the character Tony Manero. A sale will be handled by Julien's Auctions from June 12th to 15th, in Los Angeles.

With a wooden base, the website describes that the track was custom-made for the 2001 Odyssey Disco in Brooklyn, New York, at a cost of US$15,000 (approximately R$77,000 in the current conversion) in 1977 for the film production. There, the track remained until 2005, when the club closed.

In 2012, Julien's also adds that the floor was featured in the production of an episode of the third season of “Glee”, where characters from the series sang songs from the film.

In the film, John Travolta – who was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor for the film – plays an Italian-American from Brooklyn who escapes the social tensions of his neighborhood by dancing at the local disco. The soundtrack, which was awarded the Grammy for Album of the Year in 1978, featured Bee Gees hits such as “Stayin' Alive”, “Night Fever” and “You Should Be Dancing”.

The site also mentions that both the original acrylic panels and the modern “Glee” production panels show wear and tear from use. The original acrylic panels have become more opaque over time and have a yellowish tint. In addition, the purchase of the item comes with a DVD of the film.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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