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Scholz did not comment on the “dictator” that Secretary of State Analena Burbock used for Chinese President Xi

THE Chancellery avoided commenting today on the diplomatic episode that was caused with her Chinaafter the foreign minister called President Xi Jinping a “dictator” Analena Burbok in an interview from the US.

The chancellor does not comment on the statements of his colleagues in the cabinet“, said deputy government spokesman Wolfgang Buchner, to point out however that “it is clear that China is ruled by a one-party communist regime, which does not represent our idea of ​​democracy». Asked whether Ms Burbok’s remarks overshadowed relations with China, the spokesman said he did not wish to speculate.

In “ENational Strategy for China” that was recently made public, China is however not described as a dictatorial regime, but as a “partner, competitor and systemic adversary” for Germany. “The document is mainly addressed to the interior of Germany,” explained a spokesman for the foreign ministry.

According to Der Spiegel magazine, yesterday the Chinese Foreign Ministry has issued an emergency summons to the German ambassador to Beijing, Patricia Flor. “Analena Burbok’s statements are completely absurd and deeply hurt China’s dignity“, said a representative of the Chinese ministry and spoke of an “open political provocation”.

A spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry even defended himself Ms. Burbock’s choice to give an interview to conservative US television station Fox. “The federal secretary of state’s visit was specifically about using channels through which one can reach a population that simply cannot be reached with an interview in the New York Times, for example,” the spokesman said.

Source: News Beast

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