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See photos of confidential documents found at Joe Biden's residence

The investigation report against Joe Biden regarding the handling of confidential documents includes a series of photos of various parts of the US president's homes, materials targeted by the investigation and other relevant scenes over the years.

One of these photos shows notebooks “seized from [um] file under [uma] television in home office [de Biden] in Delaware.”

The investigation finds that Biden “routinely made notes in his notebooks on confidential matters and during meetings where confidential information was discussed.”

“For example, he regularly took notes related to the President's Daily Briefing, which typically contains confidential information. He also regularly took notes during meetings in the White House Situation Room, and numerous photographs document this practice,” according to the report.

Investigators noted that while “none of the notebooks have classification markings, some of the notebooks contain information that remains classified up to the level of top secret/sensitive compartmentalized information.”

Another set of photos showed Biden's garage in Delaware, which “contained a significant amount of boxes, storage and clutter,” including one that contained classified documents related to Afghanistan policy.

Source: CNN Brasil

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