Shakira and the song against Piqué: there is also a reply from Clara Chia Marti

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“You traded one Ferrari with a Twingoa rolex with a Casio». It doesn’t subside the controversy around thelast song Of Shakira, Bzrp Music Sessions #53, in which the Colombian artist attacks both her ex-boyfriend head on, Gerard Pique, that his new companion, Clara Chia Marti. She too, a 23-year-old Catalan model, seems to have wanted to have her say about her on the matterwith an eloquent content Instagram.

A few hours after the release of the chatty song, in fact, one appeared on the official profile of Clara Chia Marti story with black backgroundor, with the emoji of in the center a yawn. That the exchange of provocations between Shakira and Piqué they are boring? Impossible to be sure since it is not yet never expressed publiclyand about his relationship and – to be honest – he suffered deleted the post.

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Surely though, she was dragged into the too tornado of gossip. With a lot of video popped up on social who filmed her as she wandered in the villa of Piqué already in August 2021. «At the time he was with Shakira, they shared the house together with their children,” reveals a source a Page Six. “For the artist it was devastating learn that that woman there is felt at home». And, apparently, he ate jam.

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According to the TV show SocialityShakira would started at to suspect of her partner just when she realized that in the dresser it ended too quickly jam. Thus, by hiring a private detectivewould have discovered the parallel love story of Pique. A reconstruction in which, obviously, the conditional remains a must: it is certain that the battle between the two former lovers will last a little bit’.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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