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Sharp messages from the Russian embassy about Turkey’s economic relations with the West

In a scathing way on platform X, the Russian embassy in Ankara commented on Turkey’s economic relations with Western countries. The Russian embassy in Ankara posted the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin, yesterday, Wednesday, in St. to an “ominous growing dependence” of Turkey on Western funds and the possibility that this would have a negative impact on economic relations with Russia. “Putin: From what I understand, the economic staff of the government in Turkey is focused on getting loans, investments and grants from Western financial organizations. Maybe that’s not a bad thing. However, if this is done at the expense of trade and economic relations with Russia, it will be more of a loss than a gain for the Turkish economy” is the message posted by the Russian embassy. The second post by the Russian embassy concerns a statement by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov: “Peskov: The US, the UK and their so-called secret services are applying unprecedented pressure. […]
Source: News Beast

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