She found a tampon in her boyfriend’s room and tracked down the serial number to see if he was cheating on her

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When a woman’s sixth sense begins to detect warning signs, everyone has to prepare because she will not rest until she finds the truth. However, the behavior that this girl had is surprising, as she was able to track the serial number of a tampon.

Lois Saunders, 23, used her TikTok account to recount how she found a tampon in her boyfriend Finn’s college dorm. Since the product was not his, she began to investigate to see if the boy was cheating on her. Now users believe that she is a hero.

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Louis explained that she had been sitting playing with her boyfriend, Finn Denny, when she suddenly leaned back and saw a yellow-wrapped mascara and tampax stuffed under the wardrobe in her boyfriend’s college dorm room. The laughing boy assured her that no other girl had ever entered the room and that it was possible that it belonged to a previous occupant.

There was a tampon and mascara under Finn’s wardrobe and he denied ever having a girl here. I’m not even kidding, it’s right there. It doesn’t have enough dust to be old.

It was then that he decided to “take matters into his own hands” and searched the Internet for what the serial number meant.

I was sitting there Googling what the code on the side of the tampon meant and Finn was there too saying, ‘What the hell, are you crazy? But I needed answers.

After sharing a screenshot of the email he sent to the Tampax company giving them the code and explaining the situation a bit, a customer service member replied and mentioned that the product was manufactured on December 11, 2019, this was a long time before Finn had moved into the room and, as he had told her, she belonged to a group of girls who had lived.

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We are together to this day, so it was a happy ending.

The video, which has been viewed nearly four million times, provoked a series of reactions, with some calling Lois’s investigation a true genius and even saying they would do the same, but others calling her a “psychopath.”

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Men don’t really realize how smart we are

I’m not sure if she’s a genius or a psycho

Still others mentioned that this was a red flag and that she should trust her boyfriend a little more. Perhaps it was not the answer that Lois expected, because perhaps deep down she wanted to discover that her boyfriend was unfaithful to her, but the important thing is that they did have a happy ending.

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