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Measure the noise level at home, at work, at a concert or in the studio, correctly install a home theater or check the sound insulation of a car, this unique sound level meter application will help you. This sound level meter honestly counts decibels in 4 weighing modes according to the IEC 61672: 2003 standard. It has a built-in spectrum analyzer and will satisfy the needs of both those who are simply curious about the noise level around, and those who work with sound professionally. Impressive capabilities and simplicity are the qualities that make this sound level meter unlike other crafts.

This is the only sound level meter of this quality. With love for people and attention to detail.


• Four modes of weighing A, B, C, Z.

• Ability to calibrate

• Save and export noise measurements

• Saving the geolocation of measurements

• Built-in spectrum analyzer

• Lots of window functions

• Logarithmic and linear scales of the spectrum analyzer

• Measurement of spectrum analyzer accuracy on the fly

• Tracking the selected frequency

• Loudness highs and lows

• Average and maximum noise within one measurement

• And many many others…

The sound level meter needs access to the microphone. If for some reason you rejected the request for access at the first start of the program, go to settings-privacy-microphone and allow the sound level meter to access the microphone, after that the program will work correctly.

Exceptional measurement accuracy. Calibrated using a professional high-precision sound level meter Testo-816.

We made this app so that you can save on buying professional sound level meters that cost several hundred dollars. At the same time, we love beautiful design and love to surprise, so by downloading our application you will also get a sleek and extremely user-friendly device with an intuitive interface.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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