Sicilian granita with brioche, a perfect anti-muggy breakfast (also appreciated by Eva Longoria)

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Guest in these days of Taormina Film Festival, actress Eva Longoria, 47, took the opportunity to let herself be conquered by the many delicious Sicilian specialties. And just as the local tradition dictates, she allowed herself a refreshing and energizing morning breakfast based on fruit granita and brioche.

After all, granita is one of the cornerstones of the island tradition, increasingly known in Italy and in the world above all for its unique consistency, creamy like a sorbet but more grainy.

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The writer Andrea Camilleri also celebrated this renowned cold spoon dessert, including it among Montalbano’s favorite foods: “There was the lemon granita that the cammarera prepared for him according to the formula one, two, four: a glass of lemon juice, two of sugar, four of water. To lick your fingers“, We read about it The Terracotta Dogone of the detective novels of which the famous Commissioner born from his pen is the protagonist.

Sicilian lemon granita and a typical warm brioche with blue sea and Mount etna in the backgroundsiculodoc

The origins of granita

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It all began at the time of the Arab domination, which brought the recipe for sherbet, an iced and flavored drink with fruit juice or rose water. In Palermo, Catania, Messina and in the rest of Sicily, the snow collected during the winter on Etna, on the Peloritani, Iblei or Nebrodi mountains was used and stored in special stone buildings erected above natural or artificial caves.
In the summer, the ice that had formed during the winter months was then removed, scratched and covered with fruit or flower syrups.

There is something for everyone

The wide variety of flavors of granita, usually based on dried fruit or fresh fruit, is now available in every part of the island, where it is served with cream and sometimes chopped dried fruit. There are also specialties related to local IGP products that are worth trying if you pop over there. Alongside the classic lemon or coffee granita (in which the addition of cream is an absolute must) of mulberries or chocolate, watermelon or melon, the almond of Avola in Syracuse, pistachio from Bronte in Catania and of jasmine in Messina and surroundings.

Hand keeps granita to take away in a plastic cup over italian panoramaEkaterina Fedotova / 500px

When and how to taste granita

In Sicily, with the arrival of the summer season every moment is good to enjoy a granita: in the morning on the beach, after lunch, for a walk in the afternoon or for an after dinner. Tasty and refreshing, it is the ideal choice to replenish liquids and counteract the heat at any time of the hottest days.

A widespread habit in Sicilian bars is also that of add small amounts of lemon slush to create iced tea variationsofmineral water or even of the beer. The coffee granita is instead added to cold coffee to obtain the so-called “Half cold” Sicilian, a substitute for espresso coffee on hot summer days.

The local ritual sees it though absolute protagonist of the morning breakfast. At the bar, at home, or directly on the beach, in the early hours of the day, the granita is accompanied by fragrant freshly baked brioches that can also be opened in two and filled directly with your favorite flavor. An experience that cannot be forgotten. Seeing is believing…

What about the calories? If you are in Sicily you will find that they are not a problem! A substantial breakfast is ideal for facing a day at the beach or even in the city, as the summer heat will greatly reduce the desire for large lunches.

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