Social networks can be tools to arouse interest in studies

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, the list of school supplies has increased. Increasingly, the notebook and pen for note-taking have been replaced by computer and cell phone screens.

“It’s much easier, so much so that, if you’re somewhere else, you can use it right away, because your cell phone is always with us,” reported a young student.

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It’s just that technology has brought with it a more fun way to learn. “I have several applications on the iPad to do summaries, Google presents actions to do”, said another student.

Technology has been an important ally of teachers and students. Many teachers needed to use creativity to arouse students’ interest in online classes, for example. And, one way to gain their attention was to adapt the content taught in the classroom to TikTok — an application that has become a phenomenon on the internet, especially among young people.

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“It is a History and Geography project about inequality. We take the HipHop theme and we divided it into three parts: the rap, which they will write the lyrics for a rap with us, in the classroom; the dance, which they are recording on TikTok this dance and the graffiti, which we will do a graffiti workshop with the students. The students will do the workshop”, said Alessandra Garcia Vieira, a geography teacher at a school in São Paulo.

And the fashion caught around the entire student universe.

Lucas Moreno has been a Chemistry teacher for 5 years. With the pandemic, he had the idea of ​​producing video classes of up to one minute. The result was so positive that he already has more than 281,000 followers on the platform and has even set up a mini studio at home.

“I have a lot of students who watch my videos a lot, but they also have classes with me face to face, in schools. And they actually say that it is easier to do”, said the professor.

“In a society in which we have students who are more and more immediate, increasingly lacking quick answers, on time, immediate and an answer where you don’t have much time to listen to the answer in full, with a degree of depth. The social network ends up taking over this space well”, analyzes educator Pedro Rocha.

Technology is used to attract young people, but does this audiovisual format somehow compromise learning?

“It’s something that school and family need to work together to manage these children’s access in these environments”, guides Rocha.

There is no doubt that technology helps bring students and studies closer together, but like everything else in life, the ideal is to have balance.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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