Sp. Protopsaltis: 86,000 new jobs from OAED programs in 2022

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“After the record of 50,000 new jobs, which it created during the pandemic, OAED started in 2022 with equal dynamics, with the implementation of a” new generation “of active employment policies with 86,000 subsidized new jobs in the private sector. These actions “On the one hand, they help companies increase their staff and on the other hand, they give the opportunity to the unemployed to re-enter the labor market,” OAED Governor Spyros Protopsaltis told APE-MPE.

As he points out, these are 11 new programs of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan “Greece 2.0” and the NSRF, which subsidize the employment of the unemployed in 62,000 new full-time jobs, with a budget that will exceed 580 million euros, as well as eight open programs with 24,000 new jobs.

In particular, Mr. Protopsaltis mentions that, already, on January 17, the electronic applications for the first of the 11 new programs started, which concerns the business subsidy for the employment of 4,000 unemployed, aged 30, in the Regional Units of the Western Sector Athens, West Attica and Piraeus, as well as in the Administrative Region of South Aegean, with emphasis on women. With a total budget of € 26 million, the 12-month program subsidizes each recruitment with amounts ranging from € 467 per month (€ 5,598 per year) for unemployed people aged 50 and over, up to € 700 per month (€ 8,397 per year) for unemployed women aged 30 and over. above. Applications will be submitted until February 17.

On January 27, applications began for the DG subsidy cycle of 7,000 new jobs for the unemployed aged 30 and over in the Eastern Regions. Macedonia and Thrace, Western Greece, Epirus, Thessaly and Central Macedonia, with an emphasis on the long-term unemployed and the unemployed aged 50 and over. The duration of the grant is 12 months and the amounts of the grant range from 473 euros per month (5,676 euros per year) for the unemployed, up to 49 years old, up to 710 euros per month (8,520 euros per year) for the long-term unemployed 50 years and older.

In addition, applications for the employment program for 5,000 unemployed people aged 30 and over continue, with a focus on women, with a total budget of 32 million euros, in the Regions of Western Macedonia, Central Greece, Ionian Islands, Peloponnese, North Aegean and Crete, with salary subsidy amounts and insurance contributions ranging from 467 euros per month (5,598 euros per year) for the unemployed, aged 30-49, up to 700 euros per month (8,397 euros per year) for unemployed women aged 30 and over.

The companies submit their application through the State Aid Information System of the Ministry of Development & Investment (ependyseis.gr/mis). Then, the labor consultants of OAED will nominate candidates to the company, according to the category of unemployed, the specialty and the required qualifications and the company will choose among the candidates for the recruitment. In the above actions there is no employment commitment, after the end of the program and simplified and faster integration and repayment procedures are provided, while in the subsidy of salary and non-salary costs are included the respective Christmas and Easter gifts and leave allowances.

At the same time, actions are being implemented in the context of the fair transition to the post-colonial era and, in particular, a job subsidy program to hire 3,400 unemployed, former employees in companies affected by the effects of de-ligation, a total budget of € 48 million and a vocational training program. experience of 2,000 young unemployed in the Region of Western Macedonia (1,450 positions) and in the Region of Peloponnese (550 positions), with a total budget of 14 million euros.

The employment programs for the long-term unemployed 55-67 years, the employment of the unemployed from vulnerable social groups, the check for reintegration into the labor market, as well as the second business opportunity program, with emphasis on the digital economy and women, which gives a second chance to those they stopped their business to start a new business and re-enter the labor market.

The new programs of the Recovery Fund and the NSRF include employment actions for:

– 20,000 young unemployed to gain work experience (for 7 months, 100% subsidy).

– 10,000 long-term unemployed over 45 years in areas of high unemployment pockets (12-18 months, 653-746 euros monthly subsidy).

– 10,000 unemployed who face significant obstacles to their integration or reintegration into the labor market (12-24 months, 700-750 euros monthly subsidy).

– 5,000 unemployed in the sectors of the green economy, with emphasis on women (15 months, 700 euros monthly subsidy).

– 4,000 unemployed to set up businesses in the digital economy (12 months, 14,800 euros subsidy).

– 3,400 unemployed in the context of de-ligation (12-18 months, up to 933 euros monthly subsidy).

Speaking to APE-MPE, OAED Governor Spyros Protopsaltis, underlines: “OAED focuses on active employment policies, utilizing its wide toolbox and know-how, to support the unemployed and especially those who face the biggest barriers to work, such as Young people, the elderly, women, the long-term unemployed and vulnerable social groups. The role of OAED is crucial for strengthening the social cohesion, but also the economic development of the country and that is why our actions are focused on the faster integration or reintegration of the unemployed in the labor market and not only their temporary financial support through benefits “.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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