Space Travel: Countdown to Jeff Bezos and his three crew members

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The billionaire American businessman Jeff Bezos All three crew members are undergoing a rigorous training program today to prepare for the first flight of his company’s Blue Origin missile, scheduled for Tuesday.

Sub-orbital ejection from a field launch in the West Texas Desert is a critical test for spacecraft New Shepard of the Blue Origin rocket, a carrier rocket with a height of 18.3 meters and a fully autonomous rocket-space capsule set, which plays a central role in Bezos’ plans, for a leading position in the promising space tourism market.

The scheduled flight, lasting 11 minutes from the Launch Site One space launch pad, is expected to be attended by the oldest person who has ever been to space.

She is the 82-year-old aviation champion Wally Funk, but also the youngest person to ever go into space. He is the 18-year-old physics student Oliver Dimen.

With them at the first launch of Blue Origin will be Bezos, founder and CEO of Inc., as well as his brother Mark Bezos.

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