Spain loses more than 200 million passengers in 2020 due to the pandemic


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The air sector continues in free fall and the unprecedented fall in traffic is confirmed in 2020. The airports in the Aena network closed the year with just over 76 million passengers, compared to the 275.2 million who passed through them throughout 2019. That year, traffic had grown by 4.4% compared to the previous one. On this occasion, the drop was greater than 72%.

Never in history has there been such a drastic reduction in mobility at airports, not even after the September 11 attacks in the US, when there was a panic about flying. The activity has not gone up even in the month of December, which is usually one of the busiest, precisely because at Christmas people fly to spend the holidays with the family or take advantage of the opportunity to travel.

Traffic in the aforementioned month has fallen almost 80% and just over 3.8 million passengers have passed through the Spanish aerodromes, compared to more than 18 million in December 2019. The The force with which the second wave of the pandemic has hit Europe has ruined the Christmas campaign to the air sector, although this was something that the airlines already feared.

In fact, although the companies hoped to regain passenger confidence after the first wave, the summer campaign was also lost, mainly due to quarantines and the various restrictions on mobility approved by European countries.

The annual data from Aena give an idea of ​​the tourist hole that the pandemic has left in our country, therefore, Of the 75 million passengers who went on commercial flights, only 41 million did so on international routes, 77.8% less. Last year there were 188 million, which means losing more than 140 million . It should be noted that 70% of the tourism that arrives in Spain does so by plane. As for domestic passengers, there were just over 33 million, with a drop of 60%.

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