Spain: The government set a ceiling of 2.94 euros in rapid tests

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Her government Spain announced the price limit for rapid test coronavirus and will open the platform for booster doses to all over the age of 18. Recent data suggest that the spread of the highly contagious Omicron variant may have begun to slow in the country.

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THE Minister of Health Carolina Darias He said that from Saturday (15/1) the antigen tests will be sold to the public at a maximum price of 2.94 euros, bringing the price of the test closer to that of other European countries.

“Our goal was first to stabilize supply after the increase in demand by a factor of over 1,000 – and then to focus on price regulation,” she said. Darias.

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THE Spain had recorded sporadic shortages of antigen tests throughout December amid a surge in demand due to Omicron’s high transmissibility and because citizens wanted to get tested during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Antigen tests are now available for sale only at pharmacies in Spain, despite calls from supermarket pressure groups and some experts to allow them to be sold in supermarkets, as neighboring Portugal has done.

THE Carolina Darias, meanwhile, added that the interval between the last dose of the vaccine and the booster dose would be reduced to five of six months.

“Reducing the interval between the last and the booster dose is in agreement with the countries in our region, and is part of a strategy that is constantly evolving,” said Darias, noting that vaccinations will be started by older groups in younger ones. .

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