Speech-language pathologists arrested in Hong Kong for ‘anti-government action’ on children’s books

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Five speech therapists from Hong Kong were sentenced Saturday to 19 months in prison for conspiring to publish insurgent children’s books, featuring drawings of sheep and wolves that prosecutors deemed anti-government.

The five were convicted Wednesday under a colonial-era law in a case denounced by human rights activists as a “brazen act of repression” which the Hong Kong government has rejected.

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The defendants, who pleaded not guilty, were accused of publishing three books with drawings of sheep fighting wolves.

Kwok Wai Kin, District Court judge, said the defendants should be punished “not because of the publication or the words, but because of their harm or the risk of harm to the children’s minds”, saying the works sow “instability”. ”.

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“What the defendants have been doing with children four years and older is actually a brainwashing exercise aimed at guiding very young children to accept their views and values,” Kwok said.

The books refer to events such as the 2019 pro-democracy mass protests and the case of the 12 democracy protesters who fled Hong Kong on a speedboat in 2020 and were captured by the Hong Kong coast guard. China .

In one of the works, the wolves want to occupy a village and eat the sheep, which in turn begin to fight back.

Source: CNN Brasil

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