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They are fighting! Women fight each other for the love of a man

Social networks have become a medium that has given us multiple epic moments that range from the biggest and best dance steps to the funniest and most emblematic moments.

It’s because of the kind of videos like the one of this pair of women fighting for the love of a man in the aisle of a department store that we ask that the Internet be eternal.

women star in a fight in a department store Bodega Aurrera

Among the most viral videos that have become popular on Facebook in recent days, we find the strong fight between an employee and a client of the famous Bodega Aurrera self-service store, located in the Sol de Oriente neighborhood, in the city of Torreón, Coahuila.

The viral recording was shared through the profile Torreón Coah Street Reports on Facebook, in which, for just over a minute and a half, you can see a couple of women grabbing each other’s hair in what at first glance can be deduced to be a fight.

Women fight in a Bodega Aurrera department store in Torreón, Coahuila

With some customers as spectators and several store employees trying to separate the enraged females, the video shows how the employee has the customer by the hair while a woman approaches and hits her on the back yelling to let go of the girl , who is being subdued on the floor of the store.

After several attempts to separate them, neither the security guards nor the employees are successful, so they warn them that they would speak to the police. Hearing this and after much insistence, the worker at the place finally released the client and the people nearby grabbed them to separate them and move them away.


According to the information described in the video shared on Facebook, the fight took place on the morning of September 5 and, apparently, began due to the claim of infidelity, since, supposedly, one of the women had lowered the husband to the other.

The controversial fight between the ladies could not be ignored by the curious users, who did not leave the page without leaving their respective reaction and comment, among which the criticism for the reaction of both women stands out, since many cataloged that it was not worth It’s a shame, because they were hitting each other, while the unfaithful man hadn’t even realized what had happened.

Source: Okchicas

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