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StarLine 2 1.11.664

StarLine 2 1.11.664

StarLine 2 – the car at a glance. Download the free StarLine 2 mobile application to control the car security from your smartphone. The application is suitable for GSM alarms, GSM modules and StarLine beacons.

To get acquainted with the operation of the application, use the demo mode.


Simple registration

  • Register the StarLine security system using the mobile application registration wizard

Convenient device selection

  • Work with several StarLine devices: useful for a fleet owner

Easy setup and management

  • Arming and disarming the vehicle
  • Start and stop the engine without distance limitation
  • Configure the autostart parameters by timer and temperature, set the engine warm-up time
  • In case of emergency, use the “Anti-theft” mode: the car engine will stall at a safe distance from you
  • Put the security in the service mode, transferring the car for diagnostics or repair
  • Find a car in the parking lot with a short siren signal
  • Set up shock and tilt sensors individually or disable them if you park in a noisy place
  • Bind commands convenient for you to control buttons
  • Clear status indication

Make sure the car is protected

  • All “alarm” events are clear at a glance, thanks to the intuitive interface
  • Find out the current balance of the SIM card, battery charge, engine and interior temperature

Vehicle event notifications

  • Receive PUSH notifications about events occurring with the car (for example, alarm, engine start, disarming)
  • Choose only notifications that are relevant to you
  • Flip through the history log to see when the car’s engine started
  • Find out the balance of the SIM card of the equipment: alerts about low balance will come in the PUSH notification
  • Vehicle search and monitoring

Full monitoring with track display. View tracks, total route length, route speed

Find a car on the online map in seconds

See your own location

Quick help

Call StarLine technical support from the application

Added phones for rescue and roadside assistance

The feedback form is built into the application.

The function is available only to owners of equipment manufactured from 2014 (with a sticker “Telematics 2.0” on the package)



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