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State Department: Claims that the US government supports efforts to destabilize Turkey are false

State Department: Claims that the US government supports efforts to destabilize Turkey are false

The USA do not confirm that there is currently any scheduled visit by the Secretary of State; Anthony Blinkenin Turkey mentions it State Department.

“Regarding your question about the minister’s travel, we have no travel to confirm at this time”the representative of the American ministry responded to a question from Greek correspondents regarding the information that they want Anthony Blinken to visit the neighboring country, according to APE-MPE. It is recalled that the visit of the American Foreign Minister to Munich will end on February 19 and then he will travel to Greece between February 20 and 21.

The answer to Soilo’s episode with the American ambassador

The representative of the State Department was placed and about the verbal episode that took place between the Turkish Minister of the Interior, Suleiman Soylu, and the American Ambassador, Jeffrey Flake, categorically rejecting the accusations made by the Turkish minister. As he pointed out, “any suggestion that the United States government is complicit in or supporting efforts to destabilize Turkey is false. Turkey is a long-standing and valuable NATO ally and security partner of the US.”.

The incident was prompted by the State Department’s travel advisory for Turkey, which warned American citizens of possible terrorist acts after copies of the Koran were burned in Sweden and Denmark during anti-Turkish protests. These protests led the US along with eight European countries to take action by issuing travel advisories or temporarily closing their embassies and consulates.

The specific travel instructions caused the intense discomfort of Mr. Soylou, who verbally attacked the American ambassador during an event in Antalya. “Get your stinking hands off Turkey. I am very clear. I know very well how you would like to create animosity in Turkey. Shut off your big smile and keep it away from Turkey,” Mr. Soylou said to Jeffrey Flake. In fact, the Turkish minister also accused the American embassies in Europe of coordinating to control the continent.

The State Department’s response also states that “the U.S. State Department has no higher priority than the protection and safety of American citizens abroad” and “U.S. embassies and consulates abroad are issuing alerts to warn American citizens of specific events and changes happening locally, in real time. This is done without regard to bilateral political or economic factors.”

Source: News Beast