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Steam Deck docking station introduced: up to 2TB of memory, 100W charging and 4K at 60 FPS

Steam Deck docking station introduced: up to 2TB of memory, 100W charging and 4K at 60 FPS

Developers from Valve initially created their Steam Deck portable console with an eye to the fact that gamers would be able to run full-fledged PC games without restrictions anywhere in the world, but no one canceled the ability to broadcast the picture to an external monitor. The unique ability to have a desktop and portable gaming PC at the same time has appealed to many, judging by sales, and now JSAUX has released its M.2 Steam Deck 6-in-1 docking station, which allows you to significantly expand the capabilities of Steam Deck in a stationary launch scenario. video games. It’s really strange that they only thought of this now.

The fact is that JSAUX sells a docking station with built-in storage on an M.2 solid-state drive – there is a bundle for 1 TB and 2 TB, which is certainly noticeably larger than the built-in memory in a portable set-top box. And most importantly, a gamer can store his video games on this memory, launching them if necessary, which completely eliminates the need to upgrade the console itself in the foreseeable future. But this is where the interesting functions of the docking station are just beginning, because the product developers have also implemented an HDMI 2.0 port with the ability to output an image in 4K at 60 FPS or 2K at 120 FPS. Accordingly, if the Steam Deck itself pulls games at such a frame rate, then the picture on the external monitor will be more than decent.

Another rather interesting innovation is the LAN port, which allows the user to directly connect gigabit Internet to the portable console. In certain situations, this gives a higher download speed, or, for example, if the owner of the set-top box does not have a router, then he will not need to buy one. But the most important function of the docking station can safely be called support for fast charging technology – the JSAUX product allows you to supply 100 watts of power to the Steam Deck. That’s more than double the console’s native 45W charging station.

Rounding out the list of features on the latest docking station are two USB Type-A 3.1 ports and the ability to connect Android devices via a USB Type-C port (yes, it’s also here). And although the cost of this gadget is quite high (the base version without an SSD will cost $129, and the top model with 2 TB costs $269), Steam Deck has a lot of enthusiastic fans, which means that the new product has a good chance of success. And, most likely, soon there will be a lot of such docking stations.

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