Swedish company implants chips for use as Covid Pass or ID – Thousands of Swedes are interested

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Just a few months ago it seemed like we could only see this in movies, however, now it is slowly becoming a reality.

Dystopic nightmare or a simple convenience? A Swedish company implanting microchips under the skin is promoting its devices for use as a health pass for COVID-19 in a country with thousands of users who adopted it early.

“I think it’s part of my integrity to chip in and keep my personal data with me, in fact I feel it is even more controlled on my part,” said Amanda Back, a Stockholm resident who has implanted the chip developed by DSruptive Subdermals, in statements to the French Agency (AFP).

Although still rare, several thousand Swedes have chosen to place an electronic implant under the skin in recent years, eliminating the need to remember key chains, business cards, public transport cards and most recently: covid passes.

The country that created the “Real Humans” show and the English-language adaptation of “Humans” is also a bastion of so-called bio-hackers who are convinced that people will become more and more involved with technology in the future.

“I have implanted a chip in my hand and I have programmed the chip so that I have the COVID-19 Pass on the chip and the reason is that I want to always have it accessible and when needed I just drag a phone to the chip and then unlock it and it opens.” said Hannes Sjoblad, CEO of DSruptive Subdermals.

“A chip implant costs a hundred euros if you want to buy the most advanced versions and you can compare it for example with a healthy wearable that will cost maybe twice as much, but at the same time a chip implant that you can use for twenty, thirty, forty years. “While a wearable can only be used for three, four years,” he added.

For Sjoblad, the fold for COVID-19 is just one example of a possible implementation, which will be a “trend for winter 2021-2022”.

The Swedish businessman added that he has “a strong interest in privacy”.

While acknowledging that many “people see chip implants as a scary technology, as surveillance technology”, Sjoblad said that instead they should be treated as a mere identity.

All implants are voluntary and if anyone makes them mandatory for inmates or the elderly in nursing homes, “you will find me in front of them,” Sjoblad said.

“No one can force anyone to implant the chips.”


Source From: Capital

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