SYRIZA: Three amendments to the bill on the licensing framework for RES

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“The Mitsotakis government will have to prove whether it chooses to ultimately protect the interests of consumers or the profits of companies, as well as whether it will ensure the protection of environmental protection areas,” SYRIZA said of the government’s stance on the three amendments tabled by its Members of Parliament to the bill on the licensing framework for RES.

As the official opposition notes:

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– The first amendment provides for the return to consumers of the EUR 67 million received by participants in the Balancing Market between November 2020 and February 2021 and does not reflect their reasonable needs and efficient operation, in accordance with the legislation proposed by RAE in its conclusion. submitted on 10.5.2022 to the Parliament. “While the government has had this proposal in its hands for a month and a half, it has not instituted it, leaving some to maintain the unreasonable profits they have made,” SYRIZA said.

– The second amendment concerns the legislative intervention in the electricity market for the profits of the wholesale market. “The government through the proposed provision of Article 122 for the return of part of the super-profits of the electricity companies proves to be insufficient and in essence continues to turn its back on the super-profits, as it does not guarantee that the final consumers will actually be relieved as much as possible,” he said. SYRIZA proposes the definition through legislation of a rate of 5% on the profits of energy producers and a different way of calculating and taxing these profits, “proposals that address the deficits of Article 122 and ensure low electricity costs for consumers.”

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– The third amendment establishes an explicit prohibition of the location of Pilot Marine Floating Photovoltaic Stations (POPFS) within protected areas. “This regulation is necessary for the protection of the environment as the government, by regulating par. 7 of article 91 of the draft law under discussion, allows, by way of derogation from any other general or special provision, the location of Pilot Marine Floating Photovoltaic Stations (P. THPFS) within protected areas, without: environmental licensing “, SYRIZA states and emphasizes that according to its permanent position, it is not possible to continue the licensing of RES projects of category A1 in Natura 2000 areas until the issuance of Special Environmental Studies (SPS), the completion of the Presidential Decrees and the Management Plans (a process that, according to the planning of the SYRIZA government, would have been completed at the end of 2021), but also the completion of the Special Spatial Framework for RES, which has not yet been institutionalized and even recently received an extension of one year.


Source: Capital

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