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Technical education is still restricted in Brazil, says expert

Among young people up to 19 years old, only 11% had access to technical education in Brazil.

The data is contained in the “Education at a Glance 2023” report, which allows comparison with 48 other participating countries.

Vocational education, for example, is at 37% in the rest of the world, which puts Brazil three times behind this level.

A CNN Radio on CNN Educação, Ivan Gontijo, who is the educational policy manager at Todos Pela Educação, brought up the reasons why this type of teaching presents this deficit.

“Technical education in Brazil is something that is still restricted to certain groups,” he said.

According to the expert, there is tradition “in federal institutes, or ETECs, for example.”

“These are school models that operate differently from the regular network, with selection processes for entry and full-time.”

For this reason, despite having interesting results, “they have a high cost per student, and smaller classes.”

“Educational financing in Brazil is still an obstacle”, he added.

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In the short term, Ivan assesses that the new secondary education, which provides for greater integration of technical training with regular schools, is still under discussion.

“There are challenges to implementation, we have not yet managed to make the new secondary education a driver of professional technical education”, he stated.

The expert also reinforced that this must be a political priority so that all possible opportunities can be offered to young people.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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