«Temptation Island 2021»: who are the surviving couples and what we should expect now

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The journey into feelings continues and couples are increasingly ready to test their feelings and resistance to distance. And so, after the early comparison bonfires between Tommaso and Valentina e Claudia and Ste, Temptation Island focuses on the four surviving couples of this new edition: Natascia and Alessio, Manuela and Stefano, Floriana and Federico and Jessica and Alessandro, who continue to test themselves until the worm of jealousy digs deep enough to lead them to conclude their experience and ask for an explanation.

In the fourth episode, aired in prime time on Canale 5 on Monday 19 July, there will certainly be surprises: as he has already announced Filippo Bisciglia, the new date will see one of the girlfriends ask for an immediate confrontation with the partner, but we still don’t know who it is: will it be Manuela, who in the meantime has approached the single Luciano and seems to understand better and better what she would like from her relationship with Stefano? Could it be Floriana, who often cries and complains about the friendship born between her Federico and single Vincenza? Could it be Jessica, who only sees images of her boyfriend Alessandro obsessed with her physical form without ever even mentioning it? Or will it be up to Natasha, who never had the opportunity to see a video of Alessio at the bonfires?

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The balances are all hanging by a very thin thread, and that is why the new edition of Temptation Island is reserving so many surprises and such twists. Doubts, old and new, overlook the boyfriends, removing certain certainties that could only arrive at the end of the 21 days away, when the boyfriends will be face to face again, forced to deal with the mistakes they made and with the complaints they let slip between a Tezenis Fashion Party and a dream weekend. To find out how it will end, you just have to board the caiacco and find out what the comparison bonfires will reserve for us.

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