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Tenoch Huerta is criticized for charging more than $100 per photo

After the success of Tenoch Huerta as Namor in the Marvel movie, Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverthe Mexican actor has been summoned to different events, including La Moles Convention 2023, held in Mexico City on March 17, 18 and 19 and in which some of the attendees left dissatisfied with the artist for the cost of photos and autographs.

Days before the La Mole convention, it had been predicted that one of the guests of honor would be Tenoch Huerta and that at said event there would be various activities available for fans to enjoy the presence of the Mexican star. However, to access them, they had to pay and the high costs caused discontent among the attendees.

Tenoch Huerta on red carpet

The highest price was 1,800 pesos for a photo and the lowest was 1,600 pesos for an autograph. For this reason hundreds of fans and Internet users reacted and expressed their opinion about it, stating that it was “classist to charge for a photo”. In addition, they mentioned that “they do not want to retire.” On the other hand, some more pointed out that the price of the photos and autographs was assigned by the organizer of the event and not by the actor.

La Mole has already paid Tenoch. Those prices are prices that the convention deems appropriate. That is their business, aside from what they charge for tickets and exhibitors.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Another thing that caught the attention of Internet users was the actor’s reaction when a stuffed doll of Dr. Simi characterized by Namor was thrown at him while he was signing autographs, which was with pleasure and enthusiasm.

However, despite the fact that the actor showed his joy for being present at the convention and although there was an influx at the autograph signing and to take photos with the artist, there were those who reacted on social networks and here we leave you some of the we found.

1. It was the organizers’ idea, not his

photo price list with Tenoch

2. Is it because Tenoch has more fans Mexicans?

price comparison of Tenoch with Ron Perlman

3. Like something doesn’t match

Tenoch price comparison and your opinion

4. Something more accessible

photo price with Tenoch and his doll

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