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Film critic assures that the live action of ‘The Little Mermaid’ is a poor production

After Disney presented the latest trailer for the live action of The little MermaidOpinions have been divided about it on social networks and the critic Salvador Peño also shared his disgust on his YouTube channel when he saw the scenes from the latest trailer for the film.

His review began by noting that the first shots of the trailer are very dark. According to Peño, this is due to a “hiding mechanism” for visual errors due to “the low budget” with which the film was made.

HAlle Bailey characterized in her role as The Little Mermaid

The darkness covers the details, the greater the detail, we know that the greater the detail, the more expensive a production is.

In addition to this, the critic also mentioned the appearance of the characters because hyperrealism limited and took away their expression due to the appearance of real animals, something that Internet users have also expressed on social networks.

Comparison of Sebastian in live action

On the other hand, Peño assured that the villain Úrsula had excessive color and that this detracted from the mystery and terror of the character. In addition, he said that the color psychology that was applied to the film to make it “friendly” made “a decrease in the sense of danger that the characters are in.”

Finally, the critic added that in the iconic scene in which Ariel rises to the surface to breathe when she becomes human, the shadow caused by the contrast with the sun, only reveals the silhouette of the hair running from the front of the skull to back, forming an arc.

Peño stressed that the scene was very bad for them, because when trying to do it in live actionphysics gets in the way and the desired effect is not achieved, so by not having a “quality production”, the shot was flat.

For the expert and for several fans of this Disney classic, the film is already a complete failure even though it has not been released in theaters. His debut is scheduled for May 26.

Source: Okchicas

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