Testimonies from witnesses point out that the consul and husband had constant fights.

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A friend of the Belgian Walter Henry, who would have been killed by her husband, the German consul in Brazil, Uwe Hebert Hahn, stated, in a statement to the Civil Police, this Monday (8), that the couple had constant fights involving consumption. of drugs and alcohol.

According to the witness’ account, the Belgian had thought about denouncing her husband last month, after being attacked by his partner, but the consul would have intimidated him, saying: “I am a diplomat and nothing can happen to me”.

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Walter was found dead last Friday (5th) in the penthouse where the couple lived, in Ipanema, in the South Zone of Rio. Police identified several injuries on the victim’s body and the cause of death was head trauma.

The consul was arrested the next day. The delegate responsible for the investigations, Camila Lourenço, said that she has no doubt that the German was responsible for the murder.

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The victim’s friend also said that Walter stopped working after marrying the consul and that he was constantly belittled by Uwe.

Also according to the statement, the fights would have intensified after the victim received an inheritance from a friend who died. From then on, Uwe would have been bothered by her husband having gained financial autonomy. After that, Walter reportedly walked away from his friends and told the witness that he was depressed.

He also told the police that he never witnessed any aggression, but that he has already noticed a door and objects that would have been broken by Uwe during disagreements between the two at the couple’s residence. According to the report, the two talked about separation constantly.

In addition to the victim’s friend, the police also heard on Monday the daily worker responsible for cleaning the penthouse where the crime took place. The woman, who worked there for four years, said that during the workday, she usually had only Walter for company. But she also claimed that she noticed a door and broken objects.

The employee also stated that she noticed a few times that the victim’s pillowcase appeared dirty with blood, and that she had already noticed Walter with cuts on his forehead, but that the victim claimed that he had been scratched by the cat.

The two statements were much awaited by the Civil Police, who wanted to understand how the couple’s relationship worked and discover the motivation for the crime.

The expertise pointed out that the victim had recent and old marks of aggression on the body, which indicated that Walter had been assaulted for at least two days before he died. A baton and an air-conditioning hose were seized, materials that may have been used for the beating.

On Sunday afternoon (7), Hahn’s arrest was converted into preventive custody after he went through a custody hearing. The decision is made by Judge Rafael de Almeida Rezende, from the Custody Hearing Center in Benfica, in the North Zone of the capital.

The consul’s defense asked for the release of the arrest, claiming that he has consular immunity. Despite this, the Justice understood that the benefit does not apply to the case, as it is an episode outside the consular environment and without any relation to the functions performed by Uwe Hahn. In addition, the magistrate understands that it is important to keep the consul in prison, in order to avoid jeopardizing the collection of evidence and to ensure that there is no escape.

Source: CNN Brasil

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