The art of giving shape to music

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The details are more important than the essentialChristian Dior once said. If we think about how much our life has changed in the last two years, we realize that this statement corresponds to a truth that we had underestimated. The very concept of living space it changed suddenly but radically, involving new needs, demands and desires that focus on the details, and no longer on an overall vision. This is the time of useful design, aesthetically flawless, based on a functionality far from the show-off. An authentic and refined comfort, for homes that reflect the personality of those who live in them, telling our everyday choices, including those in terms of music. Because your identity can also be listened to.

At home, the soundtrack you choose as a companion to your habits or as a background for convivial occasions is not something superfluous. From a scientific point of view, music releases dopamine and makes everything more enjoyable. From the artistic one, he adds a score also for the sense of hearing. But this experience can become holistic, choosing loudspeakers from artistic and refined design that complete your aesthetic perception of the environment.

IKEA and Sonos they know the importance of design, great sound and the positive effects on home life created by combining these two elements. In 2019, combining IKEA’s expertise in home furnishing and Sonos’ expertise in producing speakers that deliver exceptional audio experiences, the two brands presented the SYMFONISK series: a table lamp with a Wi-Fi speaker and a speaker. Bookshelf Wi-Fi. Today the collection is enriched with a new product with extraordinary sound and aesthetic characteristics: a frame with a Wi-Fi speaker which integrates perfectly into the rooms of the house. The case is available in white or black, and soon with interchangeable front panels in different styles and colors, to renew the style of the room as often as you want.

Artistically versatile, the new frame with Wi-Fi speaker has compact dimensions and can be hung like a picture, either alone or together with other decorations, or placed on the floor or on the shelf of a piece of furniture, leaning it against the wall. You can use it to stream music, radio and podcasts directly from your favorite network and services (it is compatible with Airplay 2 e Spotify Connect, and supports all major subscriptions), or complete it with the other products of the collection to expand your sound system. “The new crate is part of the IKEA Home Smart assortment,” says Stjepan Begic, Product Developer at IKEA of Sweden, “and helps us realize the ambition to create a smarter and more connected daily life for the majority of people.”

The new SYMFONISK enclosure combines Sonos sound technologies and IKEA design in ways new and surprising, creating a product that neither company could have created on its own: a perfect combination to allow more people to stream music and podcasts, without the need to install bulky speakers that they take away space. “Sonos’s acoustic design,” explains Sara Morris, Sonos Principal Product Manager, “enables incredibly powerful and crystal-clear music reproduction for such a compact form. From this long-term collaboration arise idea innovative that allow us to bring wonderful listening experiences to homes around the world. We will not stop here and we cannot wait to create many other unique products together ».

But how can one thin frame which harmonizes with the artwork on the wall generating a sound so rich? “Working together with the designers,” continues Morris, “we were able to keep the edge of the bezel thin, while hiding a deeper acoustic volume behind it. This factor, combined with a wave guide (the medium that faithfully transmits the signal), allows an apparently thin cabinet to produce a extraordinary sound, capable of filling the room ».

Configure and control SYMFONISK is very simple: just insert the plug into the socket, connect it to your home Wi-Fi network, download the SONOS S2 app and you are ready to listen to your favorite music. Like the previous products in the line, the new case is also part of the Sonos audio system and can connect to over 100 streaming services, as well as to all Sonos products. With the new SYMFONISK speaker you transform music into an artistic furniture … that speaks of you.

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